Cattle trade resume between Yirol East and Panyijiar

Trade between pastoralist communities living at the boundary of Lakes state and Unity state has officially resumed.

Cattle traders from Yirol East County are now able to sell their animals to traders in Panyijiar County, and vice versa.

The two communities have reportedly agreed to coexist in peace following a communal dialogue held last month.

The cattle trade was halted by conflicts and cattle raiding incidents in early 2022.

James Dhuor Apiu, the Executive Director for Yirol East told Mingkaman FM that traders from Yirol East travelled to Panyijiar over the weekend to purchase cattle.

He added that there is now safe movement of animals between the two Counties.

“…there is no fear of raiding along the way. The local communities are enjoying peace and peaceful coexistence which is a sign of unity of two sisterly States,” Mr. Dhuor stated.

In a move to cement peace in the two areas, at least 17 cows that were stolen over the weekend by bandits have been returned to Yirol East by local authorities in Panyijar.

“On Saturday, cattle camp youth from Yirol East attended a wrestling match between Abang and Malek Payams and some criminals believed to be from Panyijaar County stole 17 cows and later recovered by the security organs from Panyijaar,” Dhuor narrated.

“We are now in communication to facilitate the return of the stolen cattle to their rightful owners. The suspects were identified through local youth and chiefs in the area.”

Last month, Yirol East and Panyijar authorities established a boarder court to deal with cattle theft, and the offer of blood compensation for people murdered during raiding and revenge attacks.