Carter Center rewards guinea worm survivors in Awerial

An International NGO, the Carter Center, conducted the cash reward awareness campaign for the guinea worm victim at Pap in Awerial Center on Monday. The Agency says an infected person will receive a 25,000 Pound cash reward for having sought medication at the health facility.

Last year, a ten-year-old boy was found infected and walked away with pride.

The move enlightened the Community about reporting guinea worm cases to the Ministry of Health in Partnership with Carter Center.

Daniel Deng, the head of the guinea work program at Carter Center. He says victims with a swollen leg of guinea worm cases receive 50,000 Pound once reported to the health facility.

The patient with burst wounds gets rewarded 25,000 SSP, and the person who reports the case is given 10,000 Pounds to motivate the community members to alert the hospital for suspected cases.

Deng pledged that his organization would drill three boreholes in the three areas of Wut-lang, Awerial Center, and Tomrok to help residents access clean drinking water to eradicate guinea worm.

On Monday, key actors witnessed the cash reward awareness, including the Lakes State health ministry and community members.

Marial Pananyuoon, a father of 10 years old boy infected, expressed happiness to get enlightened about the importance of reporting guinea worm cases. “The cash received will be invested in buying a goat to be reared for his son,” he said.

He says his son was a victim due to a lack of clean drinking water and urged the authority to address the matter.

In February 2018, South Sudan recorded zero cases of Guinea worm disease for 15 consecutive months. The health expert said the Guinea worm’s life cycle is about a year. A 15-month absence of cases indicates the interruption of transmission.