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Cabinet approves SSP.105 million for Students Support Fund

Cabinet approves SSP.105 million for Students Support Fund
South Sudanese students graduating from Makerere University in 2010 (SS Embassy, Educational Attache office)

The national Council of Ministers has approved the bill of Students Support Fund and allocated 105 million South Sudanese Pounds to finance it to cater for vulnerable students.

Minister of Information and government spokesperson, Michael Makuei told the reporters on Friday that the bill is in accordance with the national constitution provisions of accommodation, feeding, healthcare, sanitation materials, tuition fees and other necessities for the disadvantaged students of higher institutions.

“Students’ Support Fund is a law that is drafted and is accordance with the provisions of the transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan and this Students’ Support Fund is actually a very importance fund for the students. It is usually meant for vulnerable students in the universities and higher institutions of learning,” Makuei said.

He said the budget which will be added to the national budget has been allocated to funds the bills.

“The Minister of Higher Education has presented a budget of 105,250,081 South Sudanese pounds for this fund, which has been approved for this year,” Makuei stated.

Makuei emphasized that fund is strictly meant for the vulnerable students who comes from poor families citing that the eligibilities will be set to be met for those who will apply for the fund.

This law was previously known as National Students Welfare Bill 2019, it was presented to the Council of Ministers to amend and passed.

Although the government allocates budget for the bill, Makuei said other additional sources of funding such as donations and fundraising will be necessary for the sustainability of the bill.

Article 4.6.1 of the 2018 peace agreement provide for the creation of new institution including Students Support Fund in article

The cabinet directed the minister justice and constitutional affairs to table the bill in the parliament before the national legislature for deliberation and consideration.