Cabinet approves $5 million to complete construction of wildlife ministry

The council of ministers has on Friday approved 5 million dollars for the completion of the wildlife ministry’s construction as requested by wildlife minister, Rizik Zachariah Hassan.

Government spokesperson Michael Makuei told the reporters on Friday after the meeting that the headquarters of the ministry of Wildlife conservation and tourism is under construction but the ministry ran out of fund to complete and furnish the building.

“The ministry of wildlife conservation and tourism is under construction. It’s almost completed but they ran short of funds and as such, they requested for funds for the completion of the building so that the building can be used,” Makuei said.

Makuei did not give the details of when was the construction started and what was the initial budget for building the ministry’s headquarters but said the cabinet approve the balance to complete.

“The amount needed was to the value of $5,450,460. This was the amount which he requested to be paid and the cabinet approved the payment of the amount,” He said.

The minister of wildlife Rizik Zachariah has been directed to follow up the payment with the ministry of finance.

“[The cabinet] directed him to coordinate with the minister of finance and planning for the necessary payment so that the building is complete,” Makuei stated.

The completion amount of the wildlife headquarters construction was passed in May at the tune of $5.5 by the economic cluster headed by the vice president Dr. Jamese Wani Igga.

In March 2023, the economic cluster also approved SSP 1 billion and US dollars of $94,000 for the ministry of wildlife, conservation, and tourism.