Budi police hunt for a man suspected of killing his wife

A man is reportedly on the run from the police after he allegedly killed a woman in Budi County, Eastern Equatoria state.

Police say the incident happened on Saturday night n Chukudum.

The body of the deceased was reportedly found inside the house after neighbours noticed her house had remained closed for a long time. Neighbours also reported hearing of a scuffle in the deceased house during the night.

Police are now searching for the husband of the women. He has reportedly disappeared since the Saturday.

Philip Odongi, Inspector of Police in Budi County said the deceased woman appears to have been assaulted due to the amount of blood found on her body.

He stated that the suspect is on the run but police are searching for his whereabouts.

“The wife and the husband are said to have been drunk, they fought in the house at night and this guy run away. He is yet to be arrested…if found, we will bring him to law,” the inspector said.

The deceased who has only been identified as Nakang is a mother to three children.