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Budi commissioner to Jie and Kaabong: Return the stolen 250 heads of cattle

Budi commissioner to Jie and Kaabong: Return the stolen 250 heads of cattle
Hon. Akileo Mboya, Budi County Commissioner | Courtesy

The authority in Budi County of Eastern Equatoria State is appealing to communities of Karange and Kaabong to return the 250 herds of cattle they allegedly raided from Piabokoi Boma.

In a press release seen by The Radio Community, the commissioner of Budi County says Dodoth and Jie communities of Karenga and Kabong of the Republic of Uganda raided 250 herds of cattle from Piabokoi Boma of Lotukei Payam on Monday May 26, 2023.

The Commissioner of Budi County, Akileo Mboya strongly condemns the act and calls upon district leadership of Kabong to retrieve the animals so that they can be handed over to the rightful owners.

‘‘This has been a very unfortunate incident a long a very long history of peaceful co-existence and mutual relationship between the communities of the two sisterly districts of Budi County and Kaabong District cemented by our peace and reconciliation agreement of 1992, ‘‘The Aya Peace Accord 1992’’ the press statement reads.

‘‘Budi County local government strongly condemns this act and calls upon the district leadership of Kaabong to retrieve these animals and subsequently hand them over to Budi authority, ‘’ it added.

Akileo Mboya urges for regional stability and hopes the Peace Accord signed in 1992 is not derailed by the outlawed youth in the communities.

He says the Eastern Equatoria government in collaboration with peace partners is working hard to ensure that security of the people is secured, and cross border management is achieved through national and regional engagements.