Bor: Optician warns patients against smoking, drinking

Any patient who underwent eye surgery in Bor, Jonglei State, recently must stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol, an optician has warned.

At least over 100 patients with eye problems were successfully operated under the Dr. Riek Ghai’s Foundation free eye surgery early this week.

The program, which will last for 14 days, targets 1,300 patients with eye problems in the state. The eye diseases there are trachoma and cataract.

“Smoking is so sensitive to the eye that is still healing, and we advise the caregivers and patients to take those precautions seriously for their own safety,” Dr. Abraham Tong Majok told Mingkaman FM on Thursday. “Alcohol is also prohibited because it is exposing the veins to serious pressure.”

He also encouraged the patients to avoid public places because the eye may be subjected to dust and other foreign matters that may cause damage to the eye in the healing stage.

Cataract is a condition that can affect the eye causing clouding of the lens, a gradual progression of the vision and if not treated may result to vision loss.

While trachoma is a disease of the eyes caused by a bacterial infection that can be easily transmitted from one person to the other and it affects mainly children and mothers.

Trachoma infection can be attributed as a result of lack of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation, low availability of water and living in a crowded places.