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Bor County commissioner moves office to Werkok

Bor County commissioner moves office to Werkok

The Commissioner of Bor County on Friday officially moved his office to Werkok to encourage a return to the villages.

The decision came after many people who were forced out from their villages during 2013 conflict settled in Bor but never returned due to fear of insecurity.

The life in town, according to the commissioner, was exposing villagers to urban crime risks.

James Tuor Kur says the villagers will team up create agricultural farms on the outskirts of the settlement for effective security.

“Those returning to Anyidi Payam are in Mareeng and that is where they will be stationed for a while. People from Kolnyang are already there with their youth,” Tuor stated.

Among those who are returning to the villages with the commissioner are civil administrators and community chiefs.

The idea of resettling in the villages has been welcomed by many residents of Bor.