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Boda accident kills blind woman, rider arrested in Twic

Boda accident kills blind woman, rider arrested in Twic

A motorcycle accident in Twic County of Warrap State has left a 45-year-old blind woman dead and a girl of 14 years hospitalized in Mayen Abun,  Gomgoi village.

A woman identified as Abiem Akoon Abiel was knocked down on Tuesday by a boda-boda rider and died few hours later. A little girl Ayom Maruon Mading whom the boda boda rider was carrying also got injured and was rushed to the nearby hospital of the doctors without border (MSF) or Médecins Sans Frontières.

According to Twic County traffic Police Inspector Colonel Kur Mabuoc Aruop, the rider is being detained in Mayen Abun police station.

“It was yesterday (Tuesday) evening when the boda boda driver made an accident. He was carrying a young girl heading toward village called Gomgoi where they made an accident on their way which caused the death of an old blind woman 45 years,” Kur narrated.

The inspector said the rider will be transferred to Turalei for further investigation.