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Bishop warns Kapoeta church leaders against involvement in politics

Bishop warns Kapoeta church leaders against involvement in politics
Emmanuel Lowi, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Torit, address youth in Kapoeta town on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 | Credit | Elizabeth Loluai

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Torit has called upon church leaders in greater Kapoeta to desist from involvement in politics but rather stick to the teachings of the word of God.

Bishop Emmanuel Lowi made the call during a  meeting with the youth of Our Lady of Sorrow Parish in Kapoeta town on Tuesday.

The young Christians had told him that many church leaders no longer “follow church ethics” as they indulge themselves in political matters in the area.

They said this sometimes discourages the believers who go to church with the aim of listening to the word of God.

“Let us just stick to what the church teaches, because it’s enough. We do not want to change the church to be like a theater of political club or whatever,” Bishop Lowi told the youth.

However, he acknowledge the importance of church in speaking out against poor governance, but advised that church leaders to correct political leaders in a right way, because “humanly speaking, they have that tendency sometimes to drag the church to where they want”.

He says the church Leaders should be there to mold and correct people in the right way than just ignoring what is happening in the society.

“Even politicians are our children. Sometimes the language we use make us like we are rivaling with them. But if we correct somebody well as the church leaders, they will understand and be happy,” he added.