Bishop Akau’s lawyer granted motion of continuance

The Juba County Court has granted motion of continuance for the bishop accused of cohabitation.

On May 31, the court ordered the Episcopal Church Diocesan Bishop for Awerial, David Akau Kuol, to appear today, June 15.

However, his defense lawyer said the 14-day period was not enough to prepare for the appearance.

“The extension of the court case is a normal procedure because we found the summon letter late and we are going back to prepare to response,” said Joseph Diardit Magok.

On May 31, Amos Awan Ghak opened the court case Number 272 at Juba County Court, accusing Bishop Akau of illegally staying with his daughter Amer as a wife for nearly 12 years.

As a result, the Episcopal Church Internal Province of Eastern Bahr el Ghazal Archbishop, Alpayo Manyang Kuctil, lifted the immunity of Akau to appear before the court.

In response, Esther Amos Awan, representative of the plaintiff,  accepted the extension, say: “The extension of the court hearing was not our interest but we accepted it because they expressed lack of time. We will still come back firmly with our charges.”

The hearing has been rescheduled for Thursday next week.