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Bank of South Sudan get a new boss

Bank of South Sudan get a new boss
Bank of South Sudan's head office in Juba town | Credit | Courtesy

President Salva Kiir has relieved Dier Tong Ngor as the central bank governor, and appointed Mose Makur Deng as the new central bank governor in a presidential decree read on the state-run television SSBC on Monday evening.

Kiir did not give any reason for the removal of Dier Tong whom he appointed in November 2020 to replace Jamal Wani Abdalla.

Mr. Moses Makur Deng is now the new governor of South Sudan Central Bank. Makur has been working as the Director General for the bank supervision, research, and statistics at the central bank.

In May last year, former central bank Governor Dier Tong Ngor introduced new economic measures to boast local market and reduces inflation. He increased the dollar auction budget to commercial banks and forex bureau from $5 million to $8 million per week.

The foreign currency injected into the commercial banks and forex bureau increased auctioning amount from $2 million to $3 million an increase of nearly sixty percent which he says is to strengthen the exchange rate he “branded market liquidity” and support citizens’ demands on foreign money.

In a Presidential decree, Kiir also named Hon: Peter Puok as Deputy Minister of Interior, one of the critical positions in the Unity government that remained vacant for nearly a year.

Mabior Garang, the eldest son of late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, was appointed Deputy Minister of Interior on the SPLM-IO ticket but later town down the job.

President Kiir also relieved and appointed new Undersecretaries for the ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade & Industry, respectively.