Baidit attack kills 33 and over 20 wounded

At least 33 people were reported dead, 23 others wounded at Baidit, Sunday attack in Bor, Jonglei state. Those killed, three children drowned in a nearby river, and 30 died of gunshots. Five people have gone missing, and an unknown number of cattle looted. The injured were transported to Bor hospital for treatment.

Chol Manyuon, a youth leader of Baidit, said local armed youth fought with attackers but were overrun before they gained momentum to repulse them.
He said some of the attackers were wearing police new uniforms, and they suspect them to be from the neighboring Pibor administrative area.

“We tried our best to protect our people, but they were in huge number. They raided all the cattle and drove them away. They also set some homes ablaze,” he said

Some community members who speak to Mingkaman 100 FM say they find it difficult to cross the river with their children safely. “I didn’t know that I would survive. The bullets were everywhere; we never knew that there would be any of our relatives surviving this attack,” said one of the survivors.

Dr. Yak Wal is a surgeon in charge of surgical wards in Bor hospital. He says 11 people are critical and were transferred to Juba for further care.

Greater Pibor Administrative Area says they are aware of the incident and security forces are being deployed to intercept the attackers at the borders before entering the area.

Hon. Jay Adingoryia is the information minister in Pibor. He condemned the attacks saying this is “unbecoming,” and they will not tolerate such criminal acts as a government.

“We have instructed our commissioners at the borders to Bor to be on guard to arrange security personnel to intercept criminals who launched the attack in Baidit. This is something we are going to act on it,” said Adingoryia.

The government of Jonglei state was contacted but did not respond to the incident.

The UNMISS reports that revenge attacks and cattle raids killing remain one of the biggest causes of insecurity in South Sudan after the political violence subsided following the September 2018 revitalized peace agreement.