Baby dies after hut collapses in Turalei

A family of 14-month-old baby identified as Biar Deng Adiang is in deep shock and devastated after a hut collapsed on the child, killing him in Turalei, Twic County.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening while his mother had gone to a nearby borehole to fetch water.

Some of the neighbors who rushed to the scene immediately help retrieve the child from the rubbles. However, it was too late. Biar was pronounced dead at the scene.

Achel Yuot Deng witnessed the unfolding event as she was approaching the house, not knowing the tragedy of her child was inside the Tukul.

The mother says she found her child was hit by a large section of the wall that collapsed and knocked him to the ground.

“When she could not find her baby among children who were playing with him, Achel Yuot Deng looked for him in the debris. She found the body of the lifeless child there, under the walls,” Brig. Gen. Marko Mawien, director of police, told Mayardit FM.

The grief-stricken Achel said they had just returned to Turalei from Sudan, where fighting has displaced millions.

She added that her husband is still in Khartoum, and has no job; but hopes that the Sudan’s situation will improve, bringing about job opportunities.