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Awerial: Farmers concerned over presence of cattle in farming zones

Awerial: Farmers concerned over presence of cattle in farming zones
Farmer in Awerial County, Lakes state. Photo//Oxfam International

Farmers at Pachuet-thook Village of Awerial County have decried the presence of cattle in agricultural zones during the cultivation season

The complaint comes after cattle keepers moved to Pagor-nyiel, a cattle camp near the farming areas.

“These cattle – I believe will be a threat to our livelihood because they will destroy our crops,” said Abraham Majok Achiek, a farmers in the area. “We are asking the county authority to intervene to regulate the movement of cattle so that they can’t destroy our crops.”

Awerial County Executive Director Peter Chol Chinduut said he has taken note of the concerns raised by the farmers.

“With this news of cattle moving to agricultural zones, we warned them, and we want them to leave the area without delay to allow peaceful farming.”

He reminded cattle herders to abide by a local order issued in April to regulate animals in farming areas.

“It (order) was said in April, and it has been repeated several times by crops protection committee that in Awerial County, the authority and the citizens agreed to implement the policy of the governor to produce food locally. This can be achieved through agriculture,” Mr. Chol emphasized.

Mingkaman 100 FM attempts to reach the cattle keepers for a comment but was not immediately successful.

In April, Awerial County authority issued an order asking all the cattle to be leave agricultural zones to allow effective farming in 2022.