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Awerial clashes leave 4 people dead

Awerial clashes leave 4 people dead

Four people, including a woman, have been killed and nine others injured in an interclan fighting in Awerial County in Lakes State on Friday, an official has confirmed.

The cause of the clashes between Achol Amaal and Wuol sections of Akuei community is yet to be established.

“The county commissioner and security forces are on the ground to prevent the further clashes,” said William Koje, the state minister for information.

Among those who were injured, eight were referred to Juba and Bor for specialized medical attention. The ninth person is receiving treatment in Mingkaman.

For his part, the Episcopal Church’s Bishop for Awerial diocese, David Akau Kuol, appealed to the two sections to refrain from further bloodshed.

“You are one blood. Killing each other will not bring any solution to the problem. We ask you to refrain from any further attack that may result in loss of lives,” Akau told Mingkaman FM.

This is the second sectarian fighting recorded this week in Lakes State. The first incident occurred in Yirol East where two men were killed and two others injured.