Awerial: Believers asked to observe respect and order during celebrations

The Bishop of Awerial Diocese of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan has called upon believers to observe order and respect during celebrations.

The church leader’s message is intended to remind them of an incident that occurred last Christmas.

In 2021, churches from Zone Two Archdeaconry of the Episcopal church clashed during processions, leaving some members injured.

“I don’t want what happened in Zone two last year to repeat itself this year. We want this celebration of Christmas to be done as a sign of peace and revival among the believers,” Bishop David Akau Kuol said.

He went on to say he had already met with the zonal leaders to give instructions that must be followed to avoid clashes during celebrations.

Some of the celebrants of the Christmas festival agreed with Bishop and promised to maintain respect during celebrations.

“I want to say, if you have any conflict with your brother or sister, Christmas celebrations is not where to avenge your case. Take it easy and never hold grudges,” John Anyuon asserted.

Another believer, Amal Lou, said Christmas is a “season of peace”- adding that Christians “should have total respect for ourselves and seek forgiveness from God”.