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Aweil’s differently abled attack official over ‘unfair’ food distribution

Aweil’s differently abled attack official over ‘unfair’ food distribution

Persons with disabilities attacked on Wednesday the office of the director general of the Ministry of Social Welfare in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State over unfair food distribution.

Early this month the ministry received food assistance from Concern for Women in South Sudan.

The food was meant to be distributed to three vulnerable groups – refugees, returnees, and persons with disabilities.

However, the ministry, according to some persons with disabilities, disregarded them during the distribution of rice, sugar, and maize flour – a move that angered the group, which comprises the dead and blind.

Marko Ajuong Macuei, one of the people with disabilities, admitted to having slapped Mary Arkanjelo Baak over the matter.

He said her was silent over their grievances even after they had raised their complaints several times.

“Yes, I have to admit I was the one who started the fight yesterday just because I became angry over the way we were being answered when we asked why our food was given  away,” Ajuong told Akol Yam FM.

Another man, is Marko Madut Mayom, said he was surprised the items were not distributed to them as the rightful beneficiaries of the food assistance.

Madut said: “We didn’t just fight, rather we were asking for our right because the only food went to the people we rejected their leadership since last year.”

In response, Ms Arkangelo said her office decided to give food assistance to the returnees as they were in dire need of aid.

“They fought me yesterday not knowing that we have put their complaint into consideration. But that was going to be after we have given the returnees and the refugees their share,” she explained.