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Aweil West man held over abortion

Aweil West man held over abortion
Nyamlel police station in Aweil West | Credit | Courtesy

Police in Nyamlel town in Aweil West County are holding a 25-year-old man accused of cooperating with his girlfriend to terminate 8 months pregnancy.

On Friday last week, a woman identified as Angiicwei Atak, 22, was detained after being accused of committing the crime.

An investigation conducted by the police then revealed the man, now detained, was responsible for the pregnancy.

The suspect, Thiep Thiep, a businessman, was apprehended over the weekend after he fled upon hearing his girlfriend aborted the fetus.

On Wednesday this week, a police investigator said the suspect admitted to having an affair with woman, but refuted the claims that he took part in the abortion.

“We are saying both have to go to the court to answer the charges against them,” Lt. Col Philip Agany told Akol Yam.

“We have presented the file to the Attorney General to forward the case to the judge. So, it is up to the attorney to give further directive on when the court case will be heard.”

Agany disclosed that the two are also accused of violating Article 264  of the South Sudan Penal Code of 2008.

It reads:

“Every person who by deceit causes any other person who is not lawfully married to him or her to believe that he or she is lawfully married to him or her and to cohabit or have sexual intercourse with him or her in that belief, commits an offence, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or with a fine or with both.”