Aweil West mad knifeman injures child, woman

Two people are in a critical condition at a hospital in Aweil West County after they were allegedly attacked by a mentally ill knifeman.

The incident took place at Anyop-Jieng village in Gomjuer West Payam on Saturday afternoon.

An eyewitness says Kenyang Lual stabbed a three-year-old child in the chest and arm while his mother was away.

When neighbor Amiir Kuol Piol heard the child cry, she rushed to find out what was happening, only to be welcomed by Lual, stabbing her in the head.

Amiir and baby Garang Kur are now receiving treatments at Nyamlel Hospital.

“We had to admit them. They are in a critical condition as the child has difficulties in breathing,” said Lual Chemist Lual, deputy director at the hospital.

For his part, police investigator Lt.- Col Phillip Agany, said they have placed Kenyang in custody.

“He is now under police detentions. I want people to take good care of people with mental issues to avoid such accidents against innocent people, because government has no way to control them,” Agany stated.

Juba Teaching Hospital is the only public medical facility in the country that treats mental illness—with only 12 beds.

There are no health facilities for mental illnesses anywhere else. Majority of mad people are kept in prison or home.

Agany added that the suspect’s parents will be held responsible for the crimes their mentally unsound son has committed.