Aweil town residents call for arrest of machete-wielding gangs

A group of machete-wielding gangs has reportedly found it easy to terrorize residents of Maper Akot Aru in Aweil town, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

Some residents told Akol Yam FM that they live in constant fear as these young men continue to rob them during the night.

The robbers reportedly carry crude weapons such as machete [panga], knives and clubs to cause harm on their victims.

Just last week, the untamed youth beat up a man and robbed him of his phone in his house.

The residents have blamed the police for doing little to protect them and their properties.

The police, however, said it is aware of the criminal activities of the groups and have deployed counter measures.

Guot Guot Akol, the State Police spokesperson stated claimed they are immobilized by floods that has devastated most parts of Aweil town.

“We are blocked by floods, there is no access using our vehicles for night patrols. But we have plan that we don’t want narrate on radio on how we will handle those cases. I would like to advise the public to bear with the situation because the government is working on the matter,” he said.