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Aweil State Hospital faces dire blood shortage

Aweil State Hospital faces dire blood shortage
Entrance of the Aweil State Hospital | Credit | Courtesy

The administration of Aweil State Hospital says it is concerned by lack of blood to save the lives of patients with emergency cases.

It says the public hospital has been of late receiving emergency cases involving road accidents as the festive season approaches.

Dr. Dut Hassen, the acting director of Aweil State Hospital, says the unavailability of blood often leads to death.

“Like now we have four people and no blood to help them immediately and that sometimes leads to death while the [helpless] doctors are there,” Dr Hassen told Akol Yam FM on Monday.

In 2022 alone, two mothers died at Malualbaai health center in Aweil East County due to lack of blood.

He appealed to the members of the general public to turn out and donate blood ahead Christmas festival.

“I’m asking the public to donate blood, because it is not easy to get people to donate during the celebrations,” he explained.

However, the medical doctor noted that most people are not yet aware of the importance of donating blood.

One of the community members, Marko Jurchol Nyeng, agreed – saying people are willing to give blood, but they still need more awareness to know the impact.