Aweil South Commissioner’s home stoned, wife injured as youths are arrested

A number of young people arrested for allegedly instigating violence against the Commissioner of Aweil South County have called for their release.

At least 11 youth leaders who were rounded up last Sunday and put in detention said they have not been presented before the court for more than 96 hours.

They are among those accused of mobilizing rowdy youths to attack the home of  Commissioner Luka Thel Thel after the authorities reportedly closed down a night party in the area.

Early this month, young people in Aweil South organized a party to celebrate their win during the Inter-Counties Peace Tournament.

However, the Commissioner is said to have stopped the party even after he reportedly permitted it to take place.

It is alleged that a group of angry youth went to the Commissioner’s home and confronted him over the decision.

The following day the Commissioner Thel reportedly rounded up those he believed were instigators of the aggravated attack on his home and family.

But the 11 young people say they have been in detention without trial or proper charges.

“We were arrested on Sunday and some of us were arrested on Monday. We have been detained without trial, we have spent several hours in custody. We call for justice, and we need the authorities to refer our case to the court – if they want us to be bailed out,” one of those detained said on behalf of the group.

For his part, Aweil South County Commissioner, Luka Thel Thel confirmed that he indeed ordered for the arrest of the alleged ring leaders.

He accuses them of violating his directives on where to hold the night party.

“I had agreed with the youths to organize their night party in the field of the County headquarters, but after I left they changed the venue of the party without authorization,” Commissioner Thel stated.

“They took the party to the main market where there are shops and money transfer agencies. And at midnight, fighting erupted among youths, so I sent some police officers to close down the party.”

Commissioner Thel accused those detained of instigating violence against him and his family.

“The ringleaders pushed the partygoers to storm my house. They threw stones at all my windows and the roof of the house. My wife sustained some injuries,” he disclosed.

The Commissioner added that he only went after individuals who made the decision to change the initial venue of the party without authorization.

Commissioner Luka Thel concluded by calling on young people to merry in peace and avoid violence.