Aweil residents protest over the death teenager girl

Protest broke out in Aweil town of Northern Bahr El Ghazal on Wednesday followed the death of a six -year girl who was allegedly defiled by a trader. Police said they have deployed forces on the street of Aweil town, and the main market has been shut down.

This came after the protesters led by youth and women group over the passing on of young girl turned violence and ransacked some shops in Aweil.

Some eyewitness told Akol Yam 91. FM in Aweil that they have seen some members of the protesters being arrested by the police.

According to the police the young girl disappeared on Monday, and her body was found dead in a pit latrine located at the house of the person who was last seen with her.

The man is allege to have taken the girl to his room and defiled her to death and put the body in the pit latrine. Some community described the death of the  girl as horrific, that has anger many of the local residents in Aweil town.

According to the police, the children who played with the deceased informed the people about the body being dumped in the latrine by a suspect.  the postmortem which was carried by doctors in Aweil’s main hospital confirmed the cause of death to be defilement.

One of the protesters, Nemahd John, described the incident as a big crime that the government should investigate thoroughly. He said the local community in Aweil went on the streets in protest and target the foreign traders in the market.

“I’m not happy with this act. It is a violation of human or child right. Yes, the suspect did two crimes at one, rapping and putting the body in the pit latrines.”

Atak Garang Akech, one of the community members, warned that citizens will take revenge if the government failed to follow proper justice.

“This issue cause conflict among the people if no good action is taken to end such things. I’m not happy and I think protest will continue till we see the justice.

Major Philip Madut Ajang is the police commissioner in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state. He said the suspect has been arrested with his two other colleagues.

General Madut  said they have also arrested several protesters during the chaos but were later released after police put the situation controlled.

He appeal for calm as the government continued to carried the investigation over the circumstance that led to the death of the young girl.