Aweil quadruplets receive financial support from vegetable sellers

The parents of the quadruplet in Aweil have received financial support from small-scale women business group on Friday.

The premature quadruplets were born on Sunday in Aweil Civil Hospital in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. On Monday, Anei Anei, the father of the children spoke to Akol FM appealing for help to raise the babies.

On Friday, Muk ku miith [Let’s take care of children] a women group of vegetable sellers came to Akol Yam to announce their support to the quadruplet babies born to the family of Anei Anei and Ayak Koryom.

The cash assistance was handed over to the father of the children at Akol Yam FM office.

Ayak Bilpam, representative of the group said they decided to mobilized funds after hearing the delivery of quadrats on Akol Yam FM. She says the donation is small but represent group happiness with the family.

“Upon hearing that the four children were born we started to organize a fund raising in the marketplace where we work to collect the little, we have. So, each of the people contributed what one can afford. There were people with 200 SSP and other one with 300 until we reached 88,000 SSP. We know it is little, but we are giving it to the mother to carter for her one-day meal,” Ayak said.

For his part, Anei Anei, the father of the children thanked the vegetable sellers for showing humanity to him and his family.

“My children have really been welcomed and I’m so happy. This shows that our people have believed in God, if they have not believed in God, then there is no point someone from Aweil East, North and Centre can assist me while I’m from Aweil West. This is a sign of being peaceful,” Anei applauded.

Anei who is the father of the premature quadruplet disclosed that he has so far received 493,000 SSP from the well-wishers since he made the appeal.

Hospital records show that the quadruplets – 2 girls and 2 boys – were born at the eighth months weighing 1.2, 1.9, 1.4 and 1.6 kgs.

According to the WHO, the average birth weight of a full-term male baby is 3.3 kgs. The average birth weight of a full-term female is 3.2 kgs.