Aweil North residents kill 40 stray dogs

At least 40 wandering dogs have been killed in Aweil North County over the weekend in the ongoing campaign against stray dogs, official has said.

This comes after over 20 people were bitten by wandering dogs in the area last week.

The commissioner of Aweil North County says the dogs were killed by the local youth and government officials using sticks.

Kiir Chan Wol told Akol Yam FM that they will not spare any dog roaming without an owner in the county.

““I want to tell whoever owns a vaccinated dogs tie a red piece of cloth in the neck so that it can be identified and spared,” Chan stated.

“If we find a dog that is just roaming without any sign, we will not spare it because they have been a threat to the community, especially the children.”

Chan disclosed that the campaign will continue until the area is free from dogs wandering anyhow.

He said the campaign against also targets Gok Machar, Ariath, and Mayen Ulem, and neighboring towns.

There have been increased reported cases of dog bite in the other parts of the country, including Warrap and Lakes states.

This month, authorities in Awerial County reported 29 cases of dog bit with one death.

Earlier this month, the government of Warrap State approved an order to kill stray dogs in an attempt to protect public from rabies.

The move comes after 20 people were reportedly bitten by a stray dog in Tonj South County last week.