Aweil North holds Sudanese felon

A Sudanese convict has been rearrested in Gok Machar in Aweil North County, says the secretary of the Dinka Malual and Rizeigat peace committee.

The suspect, Hessen Jaferadar, 32, was arrested following tip from his fellow Sudanese in Kiir Adem, who said he had entered the area with a gun.

In January 2022, Hessen alongside three other Sudanese nationals were convicted by a Sudanese court for killing Mahmoud Saddiq Sahale, co- chair of the Dinka Malual-Rizeigat peace committee.

However, when fighting broke out in Sudan in April, Hessen, was set free by Sudan’s paramilitary organization, the Rapid Support Force.

According to Dinka Malual peace committee secretary, Majok Deng, Hessen was arrested to prevent him from causing chaos in Kiir Adeem since he allegedly sneaked into the area with a firearm.

“This guy entered South Sudan armed. That means he had a motive to attack somebody, because this is the same place where he killed a person,” Deng told Akol Yam FM on Thursday.

Hessen murdered Mahmoud for collecting money meant for blood compensation from the Sudanese for those killed in South Sudan.

The convict plus others were not happy for blood compensation to be paid. So, they attacked and killed him.

Majok disclosed that Hessen will be handed over to the peace committee on the other side of Sudan when the meeting between the two committees convenes in February 2024.

Established in late 2000s, the committee is mandated to settle disputes that arise between the Dinka Malual and Rizeigat communities during cattle migration into South Sudan.

It is also tasked with facilitating peaceful coexistence between the South Sudanese and Sudanese living along the South Sudan-Sudan border areas.