Aweil community in Juba aid flood-affected people in Majakbaai

Medical assistance and other non-food items are set to arrive in Aweil this week to support people affected by devastating floods in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal state area.

The much-needed items have been donated by Aweil community members living in Juba.

The assistance will go towards the affected residents of Majakbaai Payam. They include medical drugs, mosquito nets and plastic sheets.

Last week, Majakbaai community in Juba raised $7,000, and over 1 million South Sudanese Pounds to support the victims of floods in their area.

The contribution comes after a motorboat capsized in Majakbaai, Aweil Northern County. At least 4 people died. The boat was reportedly carrying 25 passengers.

Nyang Yel, deputy chairperson of the community fundraising committee in Juba explained that they procured more than 500 plastics sheets, 300 mosquito nets and 12 boxes of assorted drugs.

He mentioned that the items will arrive in the area on Thursday this week.

“We brought some non-foods item yesterday and the vehicle will move to Nyamlel where we can store them there until we meet with chiefs youths and women leaders to take lead in the distribution because they know most of the vulnerable people and the most affected,” Yel stated.

He added that the assistance will be extended to flood-affected people in the neighbouring Counties.

“We are going to hand over the drugs to health facilities which are operating in the area through the supervision of community leaders,” Mr. Yel said.

The medicines are mostly for treating diarrhoea, malaria, typhoid, and other waterborne diseases.