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Aweil ‘adulterer’ takes his own life

Aweil ‘adulterer’ takes his own life

A 44-year-old man committed suicide in a police custody in Wunlang Payam in Aweil County over the weekend, police said.

The victim, identified as Kuol Majok Kuol, was being held for an alleged adultery when he shot himself dead in a police cell.

The deceased had asked the officer in charge to allow him to change his clothes when he found a rifle in the room, according to the Aweil East County police director.

Brig.-Gen. Pinydiing Kuol Makuach told Akol Yam FM that investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

“More investigations will reveal what exactly transpired. The officer in charge will be investigated to tell how the victim got the gun,” Kuol said.

He stated that the officer in charge has been arrested to help in the investigation.

Kuol went on to describe the suicide as a surprise, saying nobody had quarreled with him before taking his own life.