Authority in Aweil calls the public to restore relations with foreigners

The government of Northern Bahr El Ghazal state calls on the people to stay in peace and respect all Sudanese citizens and other foreigners living in Aweil.

This came after a large crowd turned up during the court ruling of the Abuk Lual case on Monday.

The court has sentenced a 42-year-old Sudanese trader, Saber Abu Sam, to death by hanging for killing a five-year-old Abuk Lual. His associate, Omer Mohamed Omer, was handed a five-year jail term for harboring the offender.

Hon William Anyoun Kuol, the state minister of information in NBG, says all foreigners have the right to do their regular businesses without fear of insecurity as the court made the justice.

He assured the Sudanese traders of their safety in the areas and warned the individuals to avoid targetting people.

” My message is to respect the foreigners and allow them to do their businesses without fear of attack,” Anyuon said.

Members of Aweil resident spokes to AkolYam 91 FM welcomed the call saying they do not have a problem with foreign traders in the area since the court decided.

” Now, as the court made the justice, we are not going to have a problem with foreigners again, and they have the right to do their businesses.”

“No one will attack or protest against foreigners because killing a child caused anger, and we have no other problem now after the court sentenced the Saber to death.”

“No one above the laws, and I think people will stay with foreigners peacefully now because we are not against their staying here, but the case was our problem.”

On Monday, hundreds of Aweil residents attended the final judgment and welcomed the outcome that convicted Mr. Saber to death for killing Abuk Lual Lual on May 4th, 2022.