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AU high-level delegation in Juba to assess status of peace deal

AU high-level delegation in Juba to assess status of peace deal
AU head of delegation, Jean Kamau speaks to reporters at JIA on Tuesday 22 February 2022. Photo credit/Juba Echo

African Union Peace and Security delegation visited South Sudan on Tuesday to evaluate the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

A team of fifteen members arrived in the country when the Unity government marked one year since it was formed on 22 February 2020.

Ambassador Jean Kamau, head of the delegation, says it’s their 6th visit of the AU Peace and Security Council to review the implementation of the revitalized deal parties signed in 2018.

She says the team will access the achievements made, look at the challenges, and support the people of South Sudan to achieve durable peace.

“We will be here for three days, talk to a cross sections of stakeholders from government, civil society, political parties, and development partners to get the sense of how the peace process is going,” she said.

Ms. Kamau says the African Union is working hard to help South Sudan during this political transitional period.

The AU delegation emphasized the need to implement key provisions in the agreement within the reaming time frame to ensure the parties meet the deadline.

“The peace agreement is about to bring peace and stability, and there is the specific time frame. So, within the time that has passed and what is left, we want to know what the key areas are we want to put more emphasizes.”

According to the agreement, parties are to unify the army, pass the permanent constitution, and form a transitional justice mechanism, Accountability, Reconciliation and Heading, as stated in Chapter V of the Revitalized ARCISS.

Last week, the Activist called President Salva Kiir and his deputy, Dr. Riek Machar, to focus on the graduation of necessary unified forces to create a conducive environment for election.