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Attack in Abyei leaves 11 dead, 14 injured

Attack in Abyei leaves 11 dead, 14 injured

A weekend attack on a market in Abyei Administrative Area has left 11 people  dead and 14 others injured, an official has sad.

The minister of information there says a four-year-old boy, two women, and a police officer  were among the deceased.

“The Abyei administration is saddened to record these heavy losses and we condemn it,” Bol Koch told Mayardit FM on Monday.

He accused youth from the Neighboring Warrap State of carrying out the attack

“The suspects are our neighbors from Warrap State backed up by the outlawed armed youth from Unity state because they were spotted by a girl who was collecting firewood before the attack occurred,” the minister said.

The motive behind the Nyinkuach market attack is unclear. However, youth from Twic County in Warrap and Abyei have engaged in a series of intercommunal fighting over Aneet, which both claim ownership.

“It is government’s responsibility to engage the outlawed armed individuals to consider importance of peace by avoiding the attacks on innocent civilians,’’ Koch added.

In response, Warrap State minister of information denied the responsibility of attack on civilians in Abyei and challenged the Abyei government to present  evidence.

“No any youth from Warrap state has attacked any community of recent. As a government, we need to speak the realities that can maintain and foster peace among the communities,” William Wol stated.

In February 2022, the dispute between the two communities over the ownership of Southern Kiir River led to deadly clashes.

Since then, the two communities have been engaging in violent attacks, which have reportedly claimed about 150 lives so far.

The reports of intercommunal conflict continue to be reported about a year after President Salva Kiir set up a fact-finding committee, which later recommended that the matter be resolved by the national government, with help of experts who have the 1956 historical maps.