Five dead in Tonj East communal fight

Intercommunal clashes have led to the death of at least four people in Tonj East of Warrap State.

The fight is reportedly between Luanyjang and Baac sections. At least three people have also been wounded in the conflict that began in Panyindech area on Tuesday morning.

According to the State Deputy Police Commissioner, the two communities fought over alleged stolen animals in Luanyjang area.

“There was a misunderstanding between armed youths of the two sections. One section accused the other section of raiding cattle. The fighting erupted and some people lost their lives,” said Major General Mayol Apioth Atem.

He stated that calm has been restored in the area after a joint security force was deployed.

“We police and the SSPDF forces have intervened. The commissioner of the area has controlled the situation and no more fighting.”

The two communities have been told to resolve their grievances peacefully.