At least 12 people died of alleged excessive alcohol consumption in Kapoeta

Authority in Kapoeta East County says 12 people have died of suspected alcohol consumption.

Hon. Abdallah Lokeno Lokorae is the commissioner of Kapoeta East county in Eastern Equatoria state. He says four people died in conflict related to alcohol influence and three took their own lives and five died of diseases.

Lokeno says two of the victims were local chiefs and all the incidents happened at the areas of Loolim, Napotpot, and Nachodokpele. “People die of alcohol through fighting, and others commit suicide. Two chiefs died of alcohol, and one of the chiefs succumbed to sickness but the other people of alcohol”.

Lokorae says people continue bringing alcohol from Kapoeta town despite being banned from producing and consuming illicit drinks. He blames alcohol as one of the drivers for insecurity in the county, saying those who commit the crime did it under alcohol influence.

“Here in Kapoeta East, we condemn the drinking of alcohol because it is the one causing insecurity like looting, killing.”

He says police are working hard to put law and orders among the communities but faces challenges of no mobility to patrol all part of the county. He urges the residents of Kapoeta East to respect the laws and save the lives of the young people.