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Armed youth attack Turalei police station, free their leader

Armed youth attack Turalei police station, free their leader
Police officers pose for picture in front of Turalei police cell | Credit | Courtesy

Police in Twic County, Warrap State, say 10 angry and armed youth attacked Turalei town police station and freed a robbery suspect on Sunday.

Last week, Malong Deng Koc was detained by police after he was accused of involvement in armed robbery.

A gang leader, they say the 31-year-old had a money transfer company worker robbed of 5 million pounds at a gunpoint along Ajak-Turalei road.

Akuol Deng money Transfer Company said the employee was taking the money to a branch, which had run out of cash.

“His armed colleagues came pointing guns at everyone at the police station and commanded the suspect to walk off,” said Brig.-Gen. Marko Mawien, police director for Twic County.

“I then ordered the police personnel to stand down in order to avoid bloodshed at the station. Let them go.”

Brig.-Gen  Mawien added that he was coordinating with state authorities to re-arrest the suspect.