Armed civilians ‘rob at gunpoint’ humanitarian workers in Budi

Aid workers traveling in a marked humanitarian vehicle belonging to Caritas Luxembourg were robbed at gunpoint by armed men along the Chukudum-Camp 15 road in Eastern Equatoria state over the weekend.

The incident reportedly happened on Saturday at 2 pm in Ngarera Boma of Homiri Payam.

According to local authorities, armed youth putting on civilian clothes stopped and robbed staff of the organization going for field assessment in Ngarich Boma in Budi County. No one was harmed.

“According to the statement I got from the driver, the criminals were 10 in number carrying guns. They looted everything in the vehicle,,” said Lokiru Raphael, Executive Director for Homiri Payam.

Mr. Lokiru cautioned armed civilians against banditry, especially on humanitarian actors.

“We the authorities in Budi sent the organized forces to follow the footprints of the criminals and some are facing Ikwoto County. We told the force to go up to the place where the footprints end. Our forces are still on the ground,” he added.

In May last year, a female aid worker was killed when gunmen ambushed a clearly marked humanitarian vehicle on the road from Chukudum to Kapoeta.