Unknown disease kills 24 cows in Twic

At least 24 cattle have died from an unknown disease in Twic County of Warrap state.

The disease among cattle is being reported in Tuele Boma of Pannyok Payam.

Some cattle keepers who spoke to Mayardit FM said the disease was detected among the livestock between August and September.

They say some of the symptoms noticed include; fever and erected hair on the animals.

Barnaba Bol Bol, a cattle keeper said most of the infected cattle are those expecting heifers and calves.

“I am calling on the animal health workers to come quickly to rescue our cattle because the disease is continuing to kill the livestock,” he appealed.

Mayardit FM attempt to reach animal health department was not immediately successful.

Last month, Livestock health department in Twic County vaccinated over 3,000 cattle in Ataak, Wunakoc and Akiech villages of Pannyok Payam.

The vaccination came after cattle keepers reported the death of 8 cows from anthrax in Akoc and Panyok Payams.