AMDISS Elects New Executive Board Members

Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) has elected Koang Pal Chang as its new chairperson for the Executive Board Members.

Mr. Pal, the station Manager for Eye Radio, replaced Jimmy Francis Wani, acting Chair who became the deputy.

The other five members were also elected during the Annual General Meeting on Friday, including Secretary-General, the Treasurer, and their deputies.

The new Chairperson, Mr. Koang Pal, says he will strengthen the media advocacy and introduce an annual award to acknowledge the role members’ institutions play.

“We need to motivate our members, the journalists. If partners are willing to support this, we will do it as AMDISS. We will continue with media advocacy work and partner with other media professionals,” Pal said.

The Chairperson of South Sudan Broadcast Cooperation’s Board of Directors, Mary Ajith, encouraged the new leadership to work as a team, consult with one another, and compromise.

Ms. Ajith, who formerly led the AMDISS, told the board to protect the constitution and defense interests of the organization and its memberships.

She says there is a need to increase advocacy and introduces strategies to attract more members to join AMDISS.

The Director of Media Compliance at Media Authority, Sapana Abuyi, reiterated the need to expand the Association members and ensure states media houses are part of the institution.

AMDISS is a member-based organization that advocates for freedom of expression, human rights and good governance in South Sudan