Akon healthcare center in dire need of anti-venom

Health officials are calling for the urgent supply of anti-venom drugs at Akon Primary Healthcare Center following an increase in the number of snakebites in Gogrial West County, Warrap state.

Three people are said to have died from snakebites in the last two weeks.

The deceased include an 8-year-old girl, 18-year-old girl and 58-year-old man.

A nurse at Akon health center said the three died due to lack of medication.

“This year, we did not receive any anti-venom. Snakebites kill people in a shot time like what happened 3 people lost their live immediately after the bite,” said Luka Lual Rou.

He reported that most of the times they prescribe antibiotic to snakebite patients due to lack of anti-venom.

“I am calling on our government to bring anti-venom drugs, and our people have to bring the patients to the hospital without delay,” he added.

Abak Yel, the State Minister of Health told Mayardit FM that they have reached out to medical and humanitarian partners to support the state with anti-venom drugs.

“We are still waiting our partners to help us with ant-venom,” she disclosed.

Mrs Abak mentioned that snakebite patients – in the meantime – can access treatment at Kuajok hospital.

“Patient have to be referred to Kuajok hospital where we have some anti-venoms.”

Last month, Tonj Civil Hospital treated at least 33 cases of snakebites.