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Akol Yam 91.0 FM broadcasts a variety of news, programs, and entertainment from Aweil, Aweil State. Previously known as Nhomlauu FM, the station was relocated to Aweil and re-branded in 2016. Akol Yam, which means “New Day” in Dinka broadcasts a variety of content including programs on education, health, agriculture and more.

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Sports for Peace

Sports officials and the Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports in Aweil State who visited the station, explained how sport can bring peace to the youth of South Sudan. The Aweil town football coach says sport can bring youth from different places together, allow them to know each other and form lasting relationships for peace. Youth from the community said they are asking their fellow youth across South Sudan to think about peace, as it will bring people together as brothers and sisters. They say South Sudan is for everyone, and a group or tribe cannot own it.

Akol Yam Educates Listeners on Preventing and Treating Diabetes with Expert Guests

Akol Yam FM held a special health program on diabetes prevention in February. Guests included Dr. Garang Nyuoi, a clinical officer at Aweil Civil Hospital and Jok Aleu Jok, a political advisor from Lol State. Jok Aleu Jok is living with diabetes, and due to the disease his leg was amputated recently at a clinic in Aweil town. Akol Yam wanted to bring the political advisor and a health professional on air for a special program. The program aimed to dispel confusion that many people have about diabetes and how to treat it. The doctor explained what diabetes is, stating that it is a dangerous disease that can kill, and also explaining some of the signs and symptoms such as headache, fever, and frequent urination. The doctor also explained how diabetes can be controlled, with proper care including regular checkups and a balanced diet. The program then turned to talking to Mr. Jok as he shared his experience finding out he had diabetes and learning how to live with the disease. His message to listeners was that if you are diagnosed with the disease – listen to your doctor and seek proper treatment.

Programs have focused on health, education, governance/business, agriculture, women & girls and youth and sports. The network uses a standardized program format; which can easily accommodate adverts, PSAs and sponsored programs, as well as material and longer programs produced by humanitarian and development organizations.