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Ajak Kuac residents get borehole

Ajak Kuac residents get borehole
Women and girls fetch water from the new borehole in Ajak Kuac | Credit | Courtesy

Transformation of the World in Christ (TWIC) –a faith-based organization handed over a new borehole to the community of Ajak Kuac Payam on Sunday.

In July, the community was hit by shortage of clean drinking water after the only borehole, which was serving about 4,000 residents, wore out.

As a result, chiefs and youth and women leaders appealed to the concerned state officials to help their community – a call that seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

“We asked our government to assist us with borehole but nothing has come through,” said Arop Monydeng Nyinkuan, Duor Boma chief.

In response, the Episcopal Church organization offered to drill a borehole.

During the handover ceremony, some residents expressed their gratitude to the organization for the donation.

Angelina Nyangok, a mother in Ajak Kuac, said most of them have always opted for dirty water from the river and stream.

“Most of us had to drink water from the river. Some us got ill after taking river water because the water from the river is not safe,” Nyangok told Mayardit FM.

In the past two months, health facilities in the area reported cases of acute diarrhea and water-borne diseases among children and elderly people after drinking contaminated water from rivers.

Meanwhile, the acting Paramount Chief of Ajak Kuac, Atem Dhieu Deng, lauded the church for responding to the community’s request.

“I personally ask God to give you more power to do more not only in Ajak but in other part of the country,” he told the organization’s representatives.

The project officer for TWIC organization, Paul Lueth Kat, asked  the community to take care of the borehole, which cost $1,500.

“What you can do is to protect your borehole from destruction,” Lueth stated.