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Aid workers robbed by gunmen along Kapoeta-Camp15 road

Aid workers robbed by gunmen along Kapoeta-Camp15 road
Kapoeta road Courtesy image

A humanitarian vehicle belonging to the Root of Generation Organization or ROG has been looted along the Kapoeta-Camp 15 highway in Eastern Equatoria state.

The incident is said to have happened in the Lowareng area on Monday at around 8AM.

Chorimoi Alfred, the organization’s team leader told Singaita 88.3 FM that the robbers put the aid workers at gunpoint and took essential items in the vehicle.

He said the attackers were two men armed with AK-47.

“We took off this morning in Kapoeta, and after just leaving Lowareng, we were put on gunpoint by 2 criminals armed with AK-47. They ordered us to come out of the car, three of us, including the driver got out and they entered inside the vehicle. One was pointing a gun at us and other removed everything,” Chorimoi narrated.

He said the robbers made away with 5 mobile phones, 140,000 South Sudanese Pounds, 4 radio sets, 2 chairs, 1 camera, and some of their personal belongings.

Mr. Chorimoi added that they were heading to Kimatong Payam of Budi County to distribute the radio sets to the local community.

He said the robbers wore civilian clothes.

“They wore treasures that they cut to be short and then they were putting on T-shirts that looks like zebra, and they were speaking in Toposa,” Chorimoi disclosed.

The Member of Parliament representing greater Kimotong Payam – Constituency number 18 has condemn the renewed attack on humanitarians.

Hon. Angelo Lomoi says there is need for the authorities to establish security patrols along the major roads in the state.

“There must be a patrol car in between Lowareng and Camp 15 and all these places so that when such incidents happen, they have to follow it strictly,” he suggested.

Hon. Lomoi also called for a meeting between the Commissioners of Kapoeta South and Budi Counties to develop a comprehensive plan for addressing issues of insecurity along their boundaries.

For his part, Kapoeta South County Commissioner said he will launch an investigation to locate the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Anjelo Lominit said he will also work with the NGO to recover the stolen items.

“I am telling these people [ROG] to write to me a report about the incident and on those items which have been taken. I will follow up,” he stated.

Commissioner Lominit also directed that “any vehicle moving out of Kapoeta [must] have some escorts with them – at least 2 police officers. The same thing from Camp 15 to Kapoeta.”