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Agriculture Trade Fair Preparation Starts in Aweil

Agriculture Trade Fair Preparation Starts in Aweil
Farmers leaders post for a group after meeting state officials in Aweil © Akol Yam 91 FM

Farmers across Northern Bahr el Ghazal have start preparing their local produces ahead of agriculture trade fair schedule next week in Aweil.

The event organized by the ministry of agriculture and UN FAO will show case all livestock and local farm produces in the state.

Official said they expect farmers to bring all difference kind of crops products for display in a manner that give opportunity and to share ideas and skills among farmers group.

The Director of agriculture and extension services in the ministry, Mr. Santino Wol Aluk said the occasion will be held in Aweil Freedom square, on November 25, where farmers will display their sample products.

Wol said their aim is to know the kind of crops farmers produces in the state. “Some farmers, especially farmers in Arroyo in Aweil center produces may not be the same with farm produces from Aweil South’s,” said Santino Wol.

The secretary general of trader’s union in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, Karlo Garang said they are well prepared for the agriculture trader fair event.

He said that all farmers from the five counties in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state will display sample of their various local produces.

Last month the ministry of agriculture said the trader fair will cost over two million South Sudanese pounds.

The national minister of agriculture, FAO Country director, partners, state government officials, and the public will attend the occasion.