Abandoned Kapoeta mother of triplets asks for help

An abandoned mother of triplets in Kapoeta is appealing for support from humanitarian organizations and members of the general public.

Lotiam Lobai gave birth to the babies at the Kapoeta Civil Hospital on Tuesday. However, no one from her family, including the father of the triplets, has visited her.

In Toposa community, where Ms Lobai comes from, it is unacceptable for a woman to give birth to three babies at once. She is from Nakuroma village in Kapoeta East County.

This explains why the father of the triplets has not seen the bouncing babies since he heard of the developments from the hospital.

“When I gave birth to this triplets, I just realized I was in and trouble, especially where I will get the support to feed them, clothe them,” she told Singaita FM at the hospital.

The triplets are two girls and a boy, whom doctors say were born “without any complications”.

“She gave birth normally. No any complication arose. She is now breastfeeding the triplets,” said Dr. Rovason Lonyia, administrator of Kapoeta Civil Hospital.

Rovason said the multiple birth brings to four the total number of Ms Lobai’s children. She had her first child at home years earlier.

“I just wish that there is anyone to support me with baby food and non-food items such as milk, soap, and cloths,” she added.

In 2020, a mother who gave birth to triplets was rejected by her family members, who felt that the triplets were a bad omen.