A day of reckless driving results in 3 dead, scores injured in Warrap

Three people reportedly died in separate motor accidents in Kuajok and Wunrok towns, Warrap state on Wednesday.

14 others have also been hospitalized following the various traffic accidents.

According to police records, the first incident happened in Wunrok where a truck collided with a Toyota Landcruiser – killing a 34-year-old man who was driving the Landcruiser.

The second accident involving 2 boda-bodas happened in Kuajok town market. A 19-year-old motorbike rider died and 2 passengers were injured.

Colonel James Wol Tong, Deputy Traffic Police Officer in the State added that a 24-year-old man also died following a head-on-collision accident in Bar Piot village on the same day. At least 6 people sustained injuries.

Separately, 6 other people are also nursing their injuries at Paliet Primary Health Care Unit in Gogrial West County following a road accident in Ayien Amuol of Turalei Payam in Twic County. A pregnant woman involved in this accident is reportedly in a critical condition.

Colonel Wol blamed the accidents on reckless driving and riding.

“When you are driving, don’t forget your life and the lives of passengers. On these roads, there are pot-holes, deaf people and animals crossing. You need to be careful. As a driver, reduce your speed to save lives,” he advised.

This month alone, Col. Wol said they have recorded 9 cases of road accidents with 3 deaths across Warrap state.