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A cargo plane crash-lands in Agok airstrip

A cargo plane crash-lands in Agok airstrip

A cargo Antonov plane with registered tile number SP-402 has crashed landed in Agok airstrip. Four crew members who were onboard survived with some sustain minor injuries.

Some of the eyewitness say the aircraft overshot the runway and run out of space for safe landing. They say it fall into the hole at the end of the airstrip rifting off one of the wings.

Amir Chol an eye witness says, he saw two behind wheel busted. “We saw it landing in unusual manner and in unprecedented speed. From that point, we knew the plane wasn’t normal and went passed the airstrip and busted two tire and run into wrong direction”.

Many of the residents in Agok rushes to the scene of the accident and help rescue the pilots.

Juma Peter another eyewitness says the plane hit the ground on high speed and never reduce speed until it went to the bad road and broke the wing.  “We could only see the smoke and the smell of the kerosene was felt. We could read the fear in the faces of the alighting of crew members”.

The national ministry of general education chartered the plane to deliver examinations papers due on the 14th of this month.
Kuyok Abul Kuyok is the Undersecretary in the Ministry of general Education. He says the exam papers and other valuable onboard goods are safe and in good condition.

In 2019 MI-8 helicopter belong to UNISFA forces in Abyei on routine operation rotation from Kadugli to Abyei with 23 passengers onboard crashed in Abyei killing three crews members and injured ten other passengers.