8 people arrested for killing colleague while gambling

Eight people have been arrested in connection with the killing of a 25-year-old man in Aweil West County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

According to the County Police Director, the deceased was killed during a disagreement over a gambling game in Marol Akoon village on Wednesday.

Akok Nyang Akok said the suspects repeatedly hit the victim in the chest causing some fractures.

He died in the hospital.

“The victim was brought to us here and I sent some officers to arrest the suspects immediately. After I wrote Form 8, the relative to took the deceased to Nyamlel PHCC for medication and he died,” Nyang narrated.

Lual Khamis, Nyamlel PHCC in Charged reported that the victim had injuries that caused internal bleeding.

“The victim was brought here on Wednesday around 7 Pm and he died immediately. What we noted is that he had problems in the chest,” he confirmed.

The suspects are expected to appear before a local judge in the area.