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8 traders arrested in Warap for selling underweight commodities

8 traders arrested in Warap for selling underweight commodities

A least 8 traders have been apprehended for selling underweight commodities in Kuajok market, Warrap state.

On Friday, the joint committee for Hygiene and Sanitation in the state capital cracked down on the traders using faulty scales to cheat customers.

It found that some traders redesigned the 3.7kg container to sell 2.7 kg of sorghum.

The arrest came amid customers’ complaint of traders selling incorrect quantities, short weight or measure.

“We get complaints whenever buyers of sorghum reach home and measure with their own containers, they find that the measurement is less,” said John Maluil Ajing, committee chairperson.

He explained that the committee used the official instrument for accurate measurement of goods to determine whether the traders were cheating buyers.

“So we have several evidences,” Maluil stated.

The committee also conducted investigations into expired commodities and food prices in the market.

The traders are currently being held at the office of the Mayor where they are being investigated.

Maluil disclosed that the suspects will be sent to the town bench court for trial after the investigations are done.

He cautioned traders against dishonesty and market manipulation.

If you think you have been sold a short amount of goods, you can: ask the seller to re-weigh or measure the goods in front of you, tell the seller you believe they have sold you a short weight or measure, check to see whether their scale has a current accuracy.