8 family members arrested for engaging in revenge killings

At least 8 people suspected of participating in a fatal revenge attack have been arrested in Tonj East County, Warrap state.

The violence that took place in Dukbil village led to the death of 4 people.

Those arrested are said to be members of the same family. Their arrest came after an armed civilian shot dead a 40-year-old man over a cow dispute.

The killing of the man, 40, reportedly angered some relatives who decided to launch a revenge attack that resulted in the death of 3 people last week.

Among the dead is the brother of the man accused of shooting death the 40-year-old man.

“Revenge killing does not have its benefit…communal fighting is not good, we condemn the loss of lives. Any body found to have participated in this will be held accountable,” said Deng Kok Chan, Tonj East County Commissioner.

He added some of the suspects are on the ran.

Commissioner Deng urged the community to report any sighting of the suspect on the ran so as to face the law.