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70-old-man arrested for beating police officer unconscious

70-old-man arrested for beating police officer unconscious
Police post in Yieth-Liet, Warrap state. Photo//UNMISS

A 70-year-old man has been apprehended for reportedly beating up a police officer in Tonj North County of Warrap state.

The old man is accused of attacking the officer in Awul Payam.

Police said the old man was on a revenge mission for allegedly being beaten by the officer earlier on.

Tonj North Police Director, Brigadier Mabek Monytoch Deng said the 70-year-old plotted his attack on the officer at 2AM on Wednesday.

He said the found the officer unconscious in his residence following the beating by the old man.

“Let us avoid problem because it cannot help and it cannot allow us to progress. When there is problem then there is no calm,” Brigadier Monytoch advised.

Meanwhile, an armed civilian has reportedly shot dead 18-year-old girl in Molbang Boma of Ajak Kuach Payam Thursday.

Police said the suspect has been arrested and will be taken to court after investigations.